Carlos Roberto Silva

I find business for your business

  • Board Member
  • Speaker in Leadership
  • Speaker in Telemarketing
  • Speaker in Sales Techniques



  • 32 courses taught – since my companies until today.

Sales Techniques

  • 35 given courses until today.


  • Sales of high-cost medicines for rare diseases (extremily complex and difficult)

36 Given Courses

  • Participation in Board of Companies
  • Broker

Training and skills

Board Member

Speaker in Telemarketing

Speaker in Leadership

Speaker in Sales Techniques


  • FMU – Advertising and Marketing
  • FGV – Marketing
  • FBM – Marketing
  • FDVB – Sales

Professional qualification

22 years

  • Salesman (insurance)
  • Advertiser, Seller (Rep), Collector
  • Market searcher
  • Product manager
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing and sales manager
  • Marketing Director

Owned Companies

  • SAR – Telesales of high-costs medicines for rare diseases, under prescription – founded in april, 1987 until 2011 (24 years)
  • ONCOSAR -> ONCOPRO: Distribuition of oncological medicines for patients, clinics and hospitals (18 years)
  • Medic Supply: Consulting company, importing medicines for patients from1989 to 2016 (27 years)

The Singer

I always advise my clients, managers subject to a high level of pressure and stress, to reserve part of their time dedicated to relaxing activities, with high power of physical, psychic and emotional realignment. In my case, I practice the gratifying activity of Canto. Get to know the result of my activity, with the interpretation of the best in international romantic music.